Covid-19 Update


I hope you and your family are keeping well in these difficult times. I wanted to give you a brief update with regard to Covid-19.

As you know, these are scary, unexpected, and unprecedented times. COVID-19 is impacting every part of our lives. After much deliberation, and closely following the government’s directions and advice, I have decided to continue working; to continue cleaning your windows for the time being. Of course, things are constantly changing, so this is not set in stone.

The health and safety of my customers and of my family is of the utmost importance so the way I operate will be changing somewhat in the meantime, I will be attempting to run as contact-free as possible, in line with government guidelines on social distancing :

  • I will not be knocking on your day when I’m done. (Sorry, I’m not being anti-social, I promise). I’m more than happy to chat, so if you want to catch up, give me a call!
  • I am strongly recommending against physical payments (cash and cheques) in favour of contactless card, over the phone card, GoCardless, bank transfer (which can be done with online banking or telephone banking), and PayPal payments. I understand that there will be a minority who are unable to use any of these methods. If this is the case, you can either leave me cash in a safe place (plant pot or similar), or you can defer payments until things have calmed down.
  • Where possible, I will be using email invoicing instead of slipping an invoice through your letterbox

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me.